The Village "St Nazaire en Roussillon"

The village with "le canigou" in the distance

"St Nazaire en Roussillon" is about 1 mile from the sea as the crow flies. Between it and the sea is an "étang" (salt water lake) which is why although being so close to bustling seaside resorts, St Nazaire has retained the character of a normal Roussillon village.

St Nazaire is an active agricultural village, mainly for wine growing, (there is a "Cave Cooperative" where you can taste and purchase the local wine), but also for fruit (apricots and peaches) and vegetables. There is hardly any tourist development in the village. The house is situated very close to the centre, in one of the oldest streets. About 50m down the street is the Boulangerie for fresh bread and croissants.

The Grocer, Post-office, Chemist, Café and Church are not much further. The back of the house looks out over orchards and vineyards towards the étang and the sea.

10 minutes walk takes you to the edge of the étang which is perhaps the nicest feature of St Nazaire. It is a protected area and a haven for wildlife. You will probably see the famous pink flamingos and many other species.





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